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If your PC-Mainboard is out of/within a brand PC (from e.g. Medion, Compaq, Dell, HP, Fujitsu-Siemens, PackardBell, etc.) you have to purchase your BIOS version from the brand PC distributor!

Because these mainboards were in most cases specifically manufactured for the brand-PC distributor (even if the motherboard itself is from eg ASUS, MSI, ELITEGROUP, etc.). That means: these so-called OEM-Boards are NOT 100% equal to the same mainboard which you could buy within an original box. Some electronic components are changed, or even removed (eg the 3rd 4th SATA ports or USB ports, or the BIOS-Chips have a smaller memory size as normal, etc.). In most cases these OEM-Boards don't work with the original BIOS versions which are offered by the original mainboard manufacturer.