deutsch Shipment info - Forwarding expenses, shipping and handling

Shipment costs for the following items:
  • BIOS-Chips
  • CMOS-Battery CR2032
  • SMD-PLCC-32 Socket
Payment methodAdditional service
CashBank transferPaypalRegistered letter
Germany2.25 €2.25 €2.25 €2.65 €
Europe2.35 €2.35 €2.35 €3.50 €
World4.30 €4.30 €4.30 €3.50 €


Shipment costs for the following items:
  • DIL-32 Socket
  • internal Speaker
  • PLCC-32 Socket
Payment methodAdditional service
CashBank transferPaypalRegistered letter
Germany2.25 €2.25 €2.25 €2.65 €
Europe4.35 €4.35 €4.35 €3.50 €
World6.30 €6.30 €6.30 €3.50 €

The shipping costs are depending on the shipping size of the items. The shipment will be send as a "standard priority letter" by Deutsche Post. A shipping is also possible with our additional services "registered letter".

All Prices in € EURO. Shipping after payment. The costs for the additional services will be charged in addition to the costs of the selected payment method.


Shipment information

Send me your old BIOS-Chip only if:
  • you have got my order confirmation
  • the chip package design is: DIL/DIP (maximum 48 Pins) or PLCC-32
  • the complete binary BIOS-update file is only one (1) file


What do i need from you?
  • Chip
  • BIOS-update file (please send us the file by E-Mail, because diskettes got often defective by mail!)
  • full address
  • E-Mail address
  • If you send me cash in Euro coins, please hide it inside your envelope against thieves! Use adhesive tape and/or aluminium foil, or something similary.
  • You can also send valid german EURO postage stamps.


Wrapping / Wrapping Size / Parcel Format
  • PLCC-32-packages: wrap your chip into an antistatic foil and fix it with adhesive tape inside the envelope.
  • DIL-packages: protect your chip: wrap aluminum foil around a piece of polystyrene and press the chip into this item. At least, fix the chip with another piece of foil or an adhesive tape. (see picture)
  • Please don't send me chip-boxes or other protection-cases, which are higher than 10-12mm. I try to keep my prices for distributions low and using the german "Deutsche Post" parcel-format (l=353mm, w=250mm, h=20mm). So, i can't send chip-boxes with an height greater than 12mm back to your address.


  • The Back-Shipment occurs normally on the same delivery day (after the payment arrives), or on the next workingday. Please don't forget to send me your postal address!