deutsch BIOS ID - Mainboard manufacturer identification

Mainboard identification via BIOS-ID

If you want to update your mainboard BIOS, you'll need the right:
- Flash program from your mainboard manufacturer *
- Bios update file from your mainboard manufacturer *
* if you have a complete PC-System (Dell, Compaq, Medion, Fujitsu-Siemens, etc.), you must take the Bios update file from these companies!

Many PC-Users don't know anything about the hardware equipment inside their own computers. But you need, to update your mainboard bios, informations about the mainboard type and manufacturer. There are 3 different ways to do so:

Per Software

That's the easiest way to obtain to these informations. Try this free and small tool It's from the german computer magazine c't and informs about many internal BIOS settings like BIOS-passwords, chipsets, mainboard-manufacturer...

Open your PC

The heaviest, but most successful way to find your infos. Take a look on some imprints on the mainboard, and sticker on the flash-eeprom.

BIOS-ID during boot process

Reboot your PC. You will need to record the BIOS-ID string, which can be located at the bottom-left corner (on Computers with AWARD BIOS) during startup. Press the "Pause"-key to suspend the process and copy the ID string:

On the example picture (above) at the bottom left corner you can see:

....6A69MA1AC-00   BIOS-ID Number (00)
                |BIOS Manufacturer (A1 = ABIT)

O.k. it's an ABIT, but which type? Go onto the manufacturer homepage and use the BIOS-ID-string to find your mainboard, or insert the whole string into a search machine like google...

BIOS-IDs of most known mainboard manufacturers
BIOS ID Mainboard - Manufacturer
A1  Abit (Silicon Star)
A2  Atrend
A3  Bcom (ASI)
A7  AVT (formerly Concord)
A8  Adcom
AB  AOpen
AD  Amaquest
AK  Advantech
AM  Achme
AT  ASK Technology
AX  Achitec
B0  Biostar
B1  BEK-Tronic Technology
B2  Boser
C0  Matsonic
C1  Clevo
C2  Chicony
C3  Chaintech
C5  Chaplet
C9  Computrend
CF  Flagpoint
CS  Gainward or CSS Laboratories
D0  Dataexpert
D2  Digital
D3  Digicom
D4  DFI (Diamond Flower) (Crusader?)
D7  Daewoo
DE  Dual Tech
DI  Domex (DTC)
DJ  Darter
DL  Delta Electronics
E1  ECS (Elitegroup)
E6  Elonex
E7  Expen Tech
F1  Flytech Group International
F2  Free Tech or flexus?
F3  Full Yes
F5  Fugutech
F8  Formosa Industrial Computing
F9  Fordlian
FG  Fastfame Technology Co., Ltd.
G0  Giga-byte
G1  GIT???
G3  Gemlight
G9  Global Circuit Technology
GA  Giantec
GE  Zaapa
H0  Hsing-Tech (PcChips)
H2  HOLCO (Shuttle)
HH  HighTech Information System
I3  IWill
I4  Inventa (Twn)
I5  Informtech
IA  Infinity (?)
IC  Inventec (notebooks)
IE  Itri
J1  Jetway (Jetboard, Acorp)
J2  Jamicon (Twn)
J3  J-Bond
J4  Jetta
J6  Joss
K0  Kapok
K1  Kamei
KF  Kinpo
L1  Lucky Star
L7  Lanner Electronics Inc.
L9  Lucky Tiger
LB  LeadTek
M0  Matra
M2  Mycomp (TMC) and Megastar
M3  Mitac
M4  Micro-star
M8  Mustek
M9  Micro Leader Enterprises Corp. (MLE)
MH  Macrotek
N0  Nexcom
NM  NMC (New Media Communication)
NX  Nexar
O0  Ocean (Octek)
P1  PC-Chips
P4  Asus
P6  Pro-Tech
P8  Azza
P9  Powertech
PA  Epox & 2TheMax
PC  Pine
PF  President (dead)
PN  Procomp Informatics Ltd.
PS  Palmax (notebooks)
PX  Pionix
Q0  Quanta (Twn)
RA  RioWorks Solutions Inc
R0  Mtech (Rise)
R2  Rectron
R3  Datavan International Corp.
S2  Soyo
S3  Smart D&M Technology Co., Ltd.
S5  Shuttle (Holco)
S9  Spring Circle
SA  Seanix
SC  Sukjung (Auhua Electronics Co. Ltd.)
SE  Newtech or SMT or Professional Technologies, Inc
SH  SYE (Shining Yuan Enterprise)
SJ  Sowah
SL  Winco
SM  San-Li and Hope Vision, Superpower
SN  Soltek
SR  ???
SW  S&D (also some A-Corp and Zaapa mainboards use this code)
T0  Twinhead
T1  Taemung or Fentech or Trang Bow
T4  Taken
T5  Tyan
T6  Trigem
TB  Taeil ???
TG  Tekram
TJ  Totem
TL  Transcend Information Inc.
TP  Commate, Ozzo (?)
U0  U-Board (?)
U1  USI (Universal Scientific Industrial)
U4  Unicorn
U5  Unico
U6  Unitron
U9  Warp Speed Ink.
V3  Vtech (PCPartner)
V5  Vision Top Technology
V6  Vobis
V7  YKM (Dayton Micro)
W0  Wintec (Edom)
W1  WellJoin
W5  Winco
W7  Win Lan Enterprise
XA  ADLink Technology Inc.
X3  A-Corp
X5  Arima
Y2  Yamashita
Z1  Zida (Tomato boards)
Z2  ???
Z3  ShenZhen Zeling Industrial Co., Ltd