deutsch Programming - your old BIOS-Chips (Flash Eeproms)

Here you can buy new, programmed ICs and BIOS-Chips (Flash-Eeproms, Serial-Eeproms), or reprogram your old chips in the following package types:


  Package type Sale Programming
PLCC-32 PLCC-32 (Plastic Leaded/Leadless Chip Carrier)
Pins: 2x7 and 2x9, curved
Size: 11x14mm, without Pins
DIL/DIP DIL-8/DIP-8 (Dual In Line Package)
Pins: 2x4, 90° angled
Size: 6x10mm (300mil), without Pins
SOP SOP-8/SOIC-8 (Small Outline Package)
Pins: 2x4, flat
Size: 4x5mm (150mil), 5x5mm (208mil), without Pins
DIL/DIP DIP-24 bis 48 (Dual In Line Package)
Pins: 2x12 up to max. 2x24, 90° angled
Size: variable


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Programming your old Chips
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IC programming, repair of Bios-Chips, (E)eproms, Flash, PLDs and Microcontroller of hardware components like: mainboards, controllers, TV-Video-graphiccards, network adapters, DVD-CD-ROM, CD-Burner, router, modem, etc. Support of over 60000 different chip types. Programming formats: Binary-, Intel-Hex-, Motorola-S- and Jedec.

I don't accept complete mainboards or laptops with soldered chips! But you can send me unsoldered chips too.

Furthermore, you can buy in the Online-Shop PLCC-32 and DIL/IC extraction tools, sockets, CMOS batteries, etc.