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Bios rebooting over and over
09.Jan 2008 23:07
bobbit schreibt:
Hello! I am new to this site, but not too new when it comes to computers.
Well I have this computer with a Bios password on it and I heard that if you took out the little battery the password would be reset. So I tried out the theory, and the Bios just keeps reloading over and over. A friend of mine has mentioned something about a "flash"...
So I'm a bit freaked out, and a little guidance on what to do would be wonderful.

Bobbit :ups:
Bios rebooting over and over
10.Jan 2008 06:45
biosflash antwortet:

1. you can reset the passwords on normal PC mainboards, but it will not work on notebooks!

2. removing only the coin cell battery will not work! You also have to shift a small jumper on the mainboard to clear the CMOS. (read the mainboard manual!)

But first, try to reset the CMOS in this manner:
1. unplug the power! (Laptop: remove all accus too)
2. set CMOS-Jumper (if exists) to his clear-position (read your mainboard manual to find the jumper)
3. remove the coin cell battery
4. ###!!!put the coin cell (or use a 10 euro cent coin) vice versa into the socket!!!###
5. wait 15 seconds
6. insert the coin cell battery in the right way to its normal position
7. set CMOS-Jumper (if exists) to his normal position
8. plug power (Laptop: insert the accus)
9. reboot PC, enter BIOS-Setup and load "Setup Defaults/Optimized settings"
10. save settings + reboot

Bios-flash guidance: http://www.biosflash.de/english/bios-update-instruction.htm
Bios rebooting over and over
11.Jan 2008 01:27
bobbit antwortet:
Ah, Thank you so much!!!

<3 Bobbit

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