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Help me
18.Okt 2004 15:53
Nightwalker schreibt:
my pc:
Processor: AMDXP 2600+
Product: Shuttle XPC
Model No: SN41G
Bios: PhoenixBios 1998 "D686Bios" No: 122558321

i have update my bios so as it shootbe system go off en never comming up again. i think that the bios is broken.

the people from shuttle say: you must turn the pc on and hold de Insert key down and turn off the pc whit the insert key prest down wait 10 sec en turn the pc on still whit the insert key down and de bios back door is going to open.

This is what the shuttle people say. :nono: But i dont bay that crap, it dont work.

So my pc is still down. :frown:

Can sommbody help me whit this. is it the chip thats broken or .... and what's the cost for a new chip for my pc

thnx people that reacte on this

Greetings Nightwalker
Help me
18.Okt 2004 16:25
biosflash antwortet:

did you make a CMOS-Clear too?
Do you hear some beep tones?
Do you see anybody error messages on boot screen?

Help me
18.Okt 2004 18:30
Nightwalker antwortet:
i don't here beeps en i have no boot screen screen stay's black

how do i clear the cmos?

if you mean the bios jumper on the mobo yes i do,
Help me
18.Okt 2004 19:27
biosflash antwortet:
Howto clear the CMOS:

0. Read your mainboard manual to locate the CMOS-Jumper
1. unplug the power
2. set CMOS-Jumper to his clear-position
3. remove the coin cell battery
4. wait 1-2 minutes
5. insert the coin cell battery
6. set CMOS-Jumper to his normal position
7. plug power
8. reboot PC, enter BIOS-Setup and load "Setup Defaults/Optimized settings"
9. save settings + reboot

If this instructions wont work, you must re-program the Bios-chip with an external eeprom-programmer,
or you can use our Flash-BIOS-Service to re-program your old chip, resp. buy a new Bios-Chip ;)

Help me
19.Okt 2004 12:50
Nightwalker antwortet:
not working, screen stay's black, no beeps. i think the bios realy broken zo i shell bay a new chip for my barebone.

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