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WinFlash Erasing Bios Step Failed
05.Jan 2004 23:37
FelonyFX schreibt:
Unfortunitly i was at my grandmothers helping her at with my mainboard K7S5A Pro system running on the floor unknowingly hooked up to a power outlet linked to the lightswitch.... I started a winflash bios update and within the first 10-15% of earsing the current bios for upgrade i walk out of the room and hit the switch for the light on instinct =(.. I boot expecting to be able to atlest run off the much larger portion of the bios left or have it simply rescued but it simply powers on and reads back and forth from cdrom to hardrive non stop. No post and no video is there any way to get this rescued or repaired free from cost (i have shallow pockets at the moment) I would appreciate any help.
WinFlash Erasing Bios Step Failed
06.Jan 2004 08:37
biosflash antwortet:
Sorry about my laughter, but your story is too funny :D :D :D
I think your only chance is to delete the CMOS and to see what happens. But i would guess: nothing.
You must remove the BIOS-chip and send it to an external programming service.

In german:
Er war unglücklicherweiser bei seiner Grossmutter , hat seinen PC mitgebracht und auf dem Fußboden abgestellt. Angeschlossen hat er den PC an den Lichtschalter mit integrierter Steckdose. Dann wollte er den PC unter Windows neu flashen. Während des BIOS-Updates stand er auf, verließ das Zimmer und betätigte instinktiv den Lichtschalter. Nur schaltet der Lichtschalter auch gleichzeitig den Strom ab :D Danach rödelte der PC nur noch auf dem CD-ROM und der Festplatte rum, und das wars...

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