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Very strange problem with Samung NP530U4E BIOS
29.Okt 2016 17:35
unker schreibt:
Hello Friends !

First of all, thanks for all of your documentations, bios etc. ! Very nice :)

I'm come on this forum because i've a very strange problem with a NP530U4E.
This laptop was a gift from LDLC to my association Atelier Soudé (collaborative electronic repair).

There is black screen when the computer starts but i've plugged it on a TV with HDMI.
First, i've predicted a GPU issue but... now I think is a BIOS issue.

I explain : when I plug the hdmi, the laptop said "press F4" because no disk is present.
So, i hold F4 and look at what it's appear :


I'm usually a Linux user and I think that is the "windows 8 like" bios, isn't it ?

But all of the colored board is broken, I cannot do anything with that. Juste navigate over the blocks. But nothing worked...
F2, ESC etc. doesn't work.

By holding F10 before start up, I can access to the boot menu, but can't boot on usb (to flash the bios or run Linux) because i've no access on the bios to enable the UEFI mode !
If I hit enter, the colored bios appear again... and again... and again can't do anything.

That's crazy ! It makes me crazy.

I've already try to reset CMOS, change the button battery... RAM etc.

Any idea about that ?

Best regards.
Very strange problem with Samung NP530U4E BIOS
29.Okt 2016 22:50
biosflash antwortet:
i think you have to insert the password on the green security screen to unlock the supervisor + harddisk password. If you don't know it you should contact the Samsung support.
Very strange problem with Samung NP530U4E BIOS
29.Okt 2016 23:59
unker antwortet:

Thank for your answer, but i can't grant access of any option ( like security block) , because nothing displaying when I type the enter key (juste a full green display but mouse can move ... in nowhere :/).

I know that is possible to pybass passwords but there is no bios to display, I tried to install a new bios but i can't... nothing work propeply, i can't boot an usb key (no bios = no UEFI or legacy).

Do you think Samsung support can help me ? It seems to be a very hard issue.
Very strange problem with Samung NP530U4E BIOS
30.Okt 2016 10:12
unker antwortet:
Hi biosflash,
Thank for your answer.

How is it possible without any access ?

I can't boot from usb and when I click on the security block (or an other block) nothing appear (or sometimes a full green screen).
Very strange problem with Samung NP530U4E BIOS
30.Okt 2016 11:00
biosflash antwortet:
I had read somewhere that the password input happens without any feedback until it was the correct password.

1. Try to reset the CMOS (10-Cent-Method):

2. No luck? Try this:

Please note: while testing, you should remove all unnecessary additional hardware components from your PC (not on Laptops)!
You only need: 1 CPU, 1 RAM 1 Graphic adapter, Power supply unit + mainboard.
No CD- and HDD drives! No USB-Sticks! No TV-, Sound-, and other Controller cards, etc.!
Connect USB Mouse and USB Keyboard only on USB2.0 ports! Don't use USB3.0!

If all this does not work, then the motherboard itself could be defective or some other connected hardware components prevents the PC to boot up.

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