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Bios update stuck on clearing pending image
23.Sep 2016 15:25
SPC schreibt:

I recently got a HP Pavilion 15-p099nd. The problem is when de laptop boots up, it begins to install/update the bios. At the end at 100% on the clearing pending image stage it gets stuck.

I tried to reboot after several hours but when restarted it just goes through the update and gets stuck at the same place.

Does anyone have any advice?

Bios update stuck on clearing pending image
24.Sep 2016 14:08
biosflash antwortet:
that's a question for the HP support.
You should try a CMOS-Reset (http://www.biosflash.de/e/bios-cmos-reset.htm).
What happens if you boot up the laptop without HDD?

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