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07.Mai 2015 13:38
Hasons schreibt:
Hello , have a big problem wich bios, have all my pc corrupted for a cracker.
I buy new chip bios for resolve the problem.
But, in past days , buy a chip erroneous, for my fault of complete bat data in the especifications of the chip.

The problem:

I have a programmer GQ-4X USB WILLEM, and attempt to read, write , verify, in the chip erroneous received (WINBOND 25Q64CVAIG ), the programmer tell is good, but the computer no starts, but the chip is writed...the process for write the image: load image file H81MC.CAP in GQ-4X programmer but in .bin format, put chip in programmer, load device for WINBOND 25Q64CVAIG , select write, verify, ok.But, the chip no start in computer.

The same problem wich other 2 chip original to have, 1 is a GD25B64BPIG GIGADEVICE, ( original, but corrupted,and prove to write the new original bios, but not start the chip) and another WINBOND 25Q64FVAIG, but this not prove nothing , is the only chip fuction, but corrupted.

Is possible programming from my computer corrupted , the chip, or need buy a new computer not corrupted???
Is possible, i have a more chips in my motherboard corrupted???

I prove to use program flashrom in linux, but the program say:

root@t:~# flashrom --programmer internal
flashrom v0.9.6.1-r1563 on Linux 3.13.0-36-generic (x86_64)
flashrom is free software, get the source code at http://www.flashrom.org

Calibrating delay loop... OK.
Found chipset "Intel Lynx Point".
This chipset is marked as untested. If you are using an up-to-date version
of flashrom *and* were (not) able to successfully update your firmware with it,
then please email a report to flashrom@flashrom.org including a verbose (-V) log.
Thank you!
Enabling flash write... enable_flash_ich_dc_spi: unknown ICH generation. Please report!
WARNING: BIOS region SMM protection is enabled!
WARNING: Setting 0xdc from 0x2a to 0x2b on Lynx Point failed. New value is 0x2a.
WARNING: SPI Configuration Lockdown activated.
FREG0: WARNING: Flash Descriptor region (0x00000000-0x00000fff) is read-only.
FREG2: WARNING: Management Engine region (0x00001000-0x0017ffff) is locked.
Please send a verbose log to flashrom@flashrom.org if this board is not listed on
http://flashrom.org/Supported_hardware#Supported_mainboards yet.
Writes have been disabled. You can enforce write support with the
ich_spi_force programmer option, but it will most likely harm your hardware!
If you force flashrom you will get no support if something breaks.
PROBLEMS, continuing anyway
Found Winbond flash chip "W25Q64" (8192 kB, SPI) at physical address 0xff800000.
No operations were specified.

This log of flashrom is same in 3 chips i have.
Everything seems to be a chip block for cracker or malware, and i dont know the form of repair the chip.
Sorry for my vocaburary, i from spain.
Need help, please, when i receive the new chip , prove and commend.
I happy of see the problem that i suffer many time.
07.Mai 2015 16:14
biosflash antwortet:
1. Your new chip was sent and should arrive during the next days.

2. You know that the H81MC.CAP file size is bigger than the chip data size?
You must delete 0x800h Bytes from the top of the data.
The corrected file size must be 8.388.608 Bytes.
08.Mai 2015 14:29
Hasons antwortet:
Thanks for information, i I did not know it.I need to learn to modify bios image they can be written to the chip.
But I've tried to record the original image of the chip that I made a copy before it is cleared.The programmer gq-4x said that is written well, but does not start the pc.The size of the backup file original, which was in the chip is 8.2 kB (8192 bytes).
I have the original file from the cd image bios, which occupies 8.4 MB (8388124 bytes), then I downloaded the original file from the official Asus page, and it occupies 8.4 MB (8390656 bytes)

This is not right, by what should have been able to record the original image of the chip again, but does not work.
I tried to boot the PC with the chip corrupt with windows, i used the bios program updater for gen 4th intel core cpu, i have drawn the wrong chip, i have the chip to record, but the program does not work.

I have also tried to boot the PC and go into the bios, remove the chip corrupt, to put the chip to record, and use the flash tool for Asus update, record the new chip, but said that the image is not valid, no work, not the original, or the cd, or downloaded.

I have found information that he says that to programm the chip bios it must be done from a PC in good condition, mine is corrupt, that's why I cannot do it, it loads the bad code, and cannot be done. I will have to hope that the new chip should come.

I have nothing clear, that part of the image must be clear, if the principle, of the middle or the end, I don't know. But that is not the main problem, as i cannot record the original image of the chip again.

I have 2 laptops corrupt, two Asus motherboards h81m - c corrupt, a tv lg smart tv, corrupt, a tv oki, corrupt, a Sony tv, corrupt, an android phone corrupt, and other phones i think are also corrupt.

I have the cracker above the whole day, why it is afraid that justice is done, and tries to disorient me in everything what I do. I suffer that intercepts the new chip that I buy before it comes to me, but then when it has it in my hands, I will know if it is well or badly.
The cracker intercepts all my communications, messages in forums, emails, pages visited ... and has great power of manipulation.
I am looking to solve this in the most economical way possible, but if I can't repair it as well, I have to buy a new motherboard or a new PC to be able to go repairing things.The truth, that they buy a new motherboard in an online shop, but I reached the plate directly corrupt, and I am not changed, all due to the cracker.

Thank you for the time, I suppose it is not very usual what happens to me with the corrupt bios.I will wait to reach the chip to see if i can repair it, it would be nice and economic.
Well, I have enjoyed all the problems that i have apparently with the bios, i don't know, I think that the cracker puts your bios version and then locks the chip, but i have to learn more don't know how you do it.

Any information that you bring me will be very well received, the same way, if you could put some linkage where they explain the process of modification of the image bios to erase the information that they exceed it would be very good, if not I am looking for information for forums, I need more time to learn everything.
08.Mai 2015 14:52
biosflash antwortet:
If you have a (bios-)virus on your PC:
1. remove all harddisks.
2. insert the new chip.
3. boot the PC, go into the bios setup, and change the boot priority order to "CD-ROM".
4. use a 2nd PC(!) to download a ANTIVIRUS-LIVE-CD (e.g. "Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10") and burn it on CD.
5. install your harddisk on your 1st PC, boot the CD, and scan all drives with kaspersky.
08.Mai 2015 19:25
Hasons antwortet:
Yes , have a virus bios.One thing that makes me this virus, is that I have the pc connected directly to the attacker, pretending to be my gateway ....and another problems wich the drivers.
Now when you say of extracting the hard disks, I have seen that with the connected hard disks, or with memoirs usb connected, there is code uefi bios engraved that is corrupt, it is good to have said this.

I suppose that the same way, when I receive the chip, and I prepare to place it, in addition to extracting the discs, it should do a reset bios with the jumpers of the motherboard, and then place the chip.
I don't know if it can be traces of the virus in the RAM cards or in the own recorder firmware of the CD.

I have found information on how to reduce the size of the bios file, thank you for comment.

I can only expect to receive the chip and test.I hope it goes well and that do not pass by third persons. (referring to the black hand of craker)
Many thanks for your time.

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