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Weird BIOS behaviour after hard reboot
26.Jul 2011 19:06
lucassian schreibt:
Hi guys,

Im living a weird situation with one 2006 laptop. It is a Airis N619 (755ll0), 40 Gb hard disk
and 256 Mb RAM. Here its main characteristics:
http://www.airissupport.com/SoporteHome ... /N619/N620

This laptop was running windows XP and I decided to try one linux distro. While I was installing linux I
began to browse the web and I collapsed the limited RAM memory... the laptop was frozed and I was
forced to perform a hard reboot (the linux installation wasnt completed yet).

After the hard reboot the situation is the followong:
the computer turn on, the CD unit try to read and the monitor works. The laptop shows the manufacter
screen (Airis) but it holds here. Before the crash, I was showed the message to click F2 button to
access the BIOS menu. Now, I cant see this message. If I click F2, I can acces the BIOS anyway, but it
is not like before: now I just see the confirmation of the system about it recognize my HH,
CD unit and my memory RAM; but now I have no a real menu, I mean, I cant see the boot priorities
of my system or change the clock.

I have extracted the BIOS battery but the situation doesnt change.
It seems my BIOS is corrupted in some way.

I have try the AMIBOOT.ROM method (my bios is an AMI bios) without success. I also try to register
in several forums but nobody seems to be expected a similar problem. I would like to know if this could
be a problem of my BIOS, because in that case I just order you a new reprogrammed chip.

Thanks in advance.
Weird BIOS behaviour after hard reboot
26.Jul 2011 22:08
biosflash antwortet:

1. what happens if you remove the HDD?
2. and yes, it could be that your bios is corrupted. Sometimes shit happens...

But first try this:
- remove all drives like HDD, CDROM, floppy (if possible)
- remove all RAM
- reboot notebook for 15 minutes
- power off notebook
- insert drives and RAM
- reboot again
Weird BIOS behaviour after hard reboot
05.Aug 2011 13:40
lucassian antwortet:
Hi biosflash, thanks for the replay,

Your advise help me a lot of. After a long and hard fight with a screw, I had success
taking off the hard disk. Without the hard disk I could make the flashing of my
Bios and I get the bios setup. Now, the situation is the following:
I can boot from CD of USB whatever linux distro. If I include the
hard disk again it is no detected by the BIOS. So, it seems that my hard reboot
destroied my hard disk...
I'm ordering a new hard disk and I hope I will enjoy my old laptop again.

Thanks for your help!
Weird BIOS behaviour after hard reboot
17.Aug 2011 11:20
lucassian antwortet:
Confirmed: I order a new hard disk. With the new hard disk my laptop is fully operative again.
It seems that when I reseted my laptop the electric part of the hard disk was damaged.

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