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Corrupt BIOS in Laptop
04.Okt 2010 01:09
SwooshyCueb schreibt:
I have a Toshiba Satellite X205-S9349 with a corrupt BIOS. When I hit the power button, the fan is the only thing that comes on. I have tried to recover by using the boot block (Fn+B), but it doesn't work. There is no jumper (switch) on the motherboard. I have taken it apart and I cannot locate the BIOS chip. All of the chips on the board are soldered directly to it. What do I need to do?
Here's what I know:
The motherboard is an ISRAA LA-3441P Revision 2A
All Toshiba Satellite X205 and P205 use the same BIOS
The chipset is Intel PM965
The BIOS is most likely on EEPROM
The device is EFI compliant
The CMOS battery and its holder are missing
The BIOS contains the following strings:
Intel Santa Rosa CRB.TC3 Reference BIOS

Please help!

Ich habe ein Toshiba Satellite X205-S9349 mit einem korrupten BIOS. Wenn ich die Power-Taste drücken, wird der Lüfter das einzige, was leuchtet. Ich habe versucht, mit Hilfe der Boot-Block (Fn + B) zu erholen, aber es funktioniert nicht. Es gibt keine Jumper (Schalter) auf dem Motherboard. Ich habe es auseinander genommen und ich kann nicht finden, die BIOS-Chip. Alle Chips auf dem Board direkt mit diesem verlötet. Was muss ich tun?
Hier ist, was ich weiß:
Das Motherboard ist ein Israa LA-2A 3441P Revision
Alle Toshiba Satellite X205 und P205 die gleichen BIOS
Der Chipsatz ist Intel PM965
Das BIOS ist höchstwahrscheinlich auf EEPROM
Das Gerät ist konform EFI
Die CMOS-Batterie und deren Halter fehlen
Das BIOS enthält die folgende Zeichenfolgen enthalten:
Intel Santa Rosa CRB.TC3 Referenz BIOS

Bitte helfen Sie!
Corrupt BIOS in Laptop
04.Okt 2010 06:34
biosflash antwortet:

das EEPROM könnte so aussehen: http://www.flazh.de/images/winbond25x80vaiz.png
Grösse: 9x6mm, Pins: 8 (2x4)
Am besten du entlötest den Chip und lässt ihn neu programmieren.
Corrupt BIOS in Laptop
04.Okt 2010 14:05
SwooshyCueb antwortet:
Wie würde ich die EFI-Schnittstelle?

Vielen Dank im Voraus
Corrupt BIOS in Laptop
04.Okt 2010 14:54
biosflash antwortet:
I think you have to unsolder your bios chip for reprogramming.
Corrupt BIOS in Laptop
04.Okt 2010 20:04
SwooshyCueb antwortet:
I'm trying to avoid using my soldering iron if at all possible. I'm not that good at soldering, but if I really have to I can. Is there some way I can reprogram the chip while it's still on the board? I have no problem with attaching wires to the chip while it's still on the board. But just so you know, I don't know what hardware I would need.
Corrupt BIOS in Laptop
04.Okt 2010 22:48
biosflash antwortet:
It should be easier to desolder the chip instead of attaching several wires to the chip ;)
Corrupt BIOS in Laptop
07.Okt 2010 22:08
SwooshyCueb antwortet:
I still can't figure out which chip it is. I've uploaded some pics I took of the board. Maybe you can help me figure out which one it is.

Corrupt BIOS in Laptop
07.Okt 2010 22:35
biosflash antwortet:
Sorry, but your pics are too bad. Send better pics to my email address (see imprint/impressum)!

Or try to find the any 2x4 (8) pins chips which have a "25" inside their type name. e.g. "25X80VAIZ"
Or try to find the any 2x7+2x9 (32) pins chips which have a "29", "39", "49" inside their type name. e.g. "W39V040BPZ"
Corrupt BIOS in Laptop
18.Okt 2010 22:56
SwooshyCueb antwortet:
Here's some more pics. Is it any of these chips?

The reason I don't want to do any soldering is because I have ruined many chips with my shaky hands. Would it be possible for me to ship the entire board?

There's another one that I don't have pics of, it says
It's much taller than the other chips.
Corrupt BIOS in Laptop
19.Okt 2010 07:08
biosflash antwortet:
Sorry, but i can't detect any chip which comes into question, and we only accept single chips and not the whole mainboard. Maybe you should use google to find the right chip by inserting the chip type name. If the chip type is a "Flash Eeprom" or "Serial Eeprom", you are on the right way.

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