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ASUS A9Rp Laptop Flash Problem
25.Dez 2007 12:13
rjnena schreibt:
Dear All;

I have updated the BIOS flash of my note book; then the bios updated gave me "successfully BIOS update message"; after that the notebook hangs and did not respond to any thing.

after a while i turned it off then it did not turned on again; and the notebook does not respond to the power button.

can you help me please asap
ASUS A9Rp Laptop Flash Problem
25.Dez 2007 13:25
biosflash antwortet:

you could try to clear the CMOS:

1. unplug the power! (Laptop: remove all accus too)
2. remove the coin cell battery
3. ###!!!put the coin cell (or use a 10 euro cent coin) vice versa into the socket!!!###
4. wait 15 seconds
5. insert the coin cell battery in the right way to its normal position
6. plug power (Laptop: insert the accus)
7. reboot, enter BIOS-Setup and load "Setup Defaults/Optimized settings"
8. save settings + reboot

If this dont work, you have to reprogram your old chip by an external flash service like www.biosflash.de
ASUS A9Rp Laptop Flash Problem
25.Dez 2007 14:03
rjnena antwortet:
thanks Sir for your reply;

I just tried what you asked me to do; but nothing happen the the problem still as its.

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