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06.Aug 2006 12:51
stupidman schreibt:
Hi, everyone.
Excuse me for my bad English, German i don't know completely unfortunately. I am from Russia.
I have casually come across your site looking for decision of a problem arisen to me.
May be vou will help me.
The chip of flash memory E28F002BC-T60 on my MB TC430HX Tucson AA Revision 661449-503 died.
I found equivalent for him, downloaded a new insertion 10004DH_.exe from intel download.
But the matter is that burning in ROM programmer requires only one .rom file, whereas in archive there is a set of files with extensions .bio, bi1, bi2, bi3, rec, rcv, rec, re1, re2, re3.

I did all 48 possible concatenations of files bio, bi1, bi2, bi3 with cutting off headers and made-to-measure to 2 Mbit by FF's, but none of these concatenations opened correctly by AMIBCP v.7.51.03, 7.60.04, 2.43.2 for Win utility ( generated error -" BIOS module header cannot be foud " ), although AMI's copyright string ( AMIBIOS (C)1985-1991 ) is in 1004dh0_.rcv - really.

Whether there is a possibility to assemble the .rom file for ROM burner from this set .
Which utility can open Intel BIOS correctly? Neither AMIBCP nor AMIDECO can do it.

07.Aug 2006 10:10
biosflash antwortet:

*hmm* very difficult.
I think the right files and their sequences are: BIO->BI1->BI2->BI3.
All headers of these 4 files are 128 bytes long and must be deleted.
The file "1007DH0_.RCV" is - i am sure - the boot block and should be placed at the end of the 256KB.
But i dont know where to place the file "USUSDH0_.LNG". Maybe before the RCV file?

Maybe it's better to ask the Intel-Support to get a single ROM file, or to find another owner of the same mobo, which could make a ROM backup.

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