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Friday, 18. April 2014

BIOS Boot-USB-Stick

Howto: BIOS-Update per bootable USB-Stick

BIOS Update per bootable USB-Stick / Pendrive



A guidance how to create a bootable USB-Stick / Pendrive (incl. MS-DOS system files) to perform a BIOS update.

see also: BIOS-Update Howto: step-by-step instruction
see also: BIOS Update per bootable CD
see also: BIOS Update per DOS-Boot-Diskette



  • The Laptop-/Mainboard-BIOS must support bootable USB-Sticks - which should apply to most of all modells which are not older than 4-5 years. If an USB-Stick was recognized during the boot process, the BIOS will integrate it as a removable drive, or as a normal drive.


The following tools are needed:

  • Ultimate BIOS-Boot-Edition:
    - usbdos (folder contains the 3 hidden! MS-DOS system files, io.sys and msdos.sys)
    - HP_USB_Disk_Storage_Format_Tool v2.2.3.exe (Hewlett-Packard's Format-Utility for USB-Sticks)
    download [1] Ultimate BIOS-Boot-Edition - 5.9MB
  • Flashtool - an executable program (.EXE as file extension), which programs the BIOS file onto the BIOS-Chip, and the BIOS file must be downloaded:
    - Mainboard, bought in its original box: from the mainboard manufacturer website, or
    - Notebook or brand PC: from the notebook/brand PC manufacturer website.
    Both files must be specially designed for the DOS Operation system! If the manufacturer offers only files for Windows, you have to risk the BIOS update either directly under Windows, or you can re-program your old BIOS-Chip, or purchase a new, programmed BIOS-Chip.


New BIOS-Chips (incl. programming) --> in my Shop


Instruction to create a bootable USB-Stick

  • Open the Ultimate BIOS-Boot-Edition and the folder boot_usb_stick.
  • Copy the folder usbdos to your hard disk.
  • Start the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.
  • Select your USB-Stick under Device.
  • Choose FAT-32 under File system and activate the check mark Create a DOS startup disk.
  • Insert the path to your usbdos folder under using DOS system files located at:.
  • Press the Start button and wait until the tool has formatted the USB-Stick and has copied the 3 system files.
  • Rename the filename of your flashtool and the BIOS file, if they have more than 8 characters (not the file extension!).
  • Copy your flashtool and the BIOS file onto the USB-Stick.
The DOS system files are normally invisible, because their file attribute is set to hidden. If you would like to show these hidden files, you have to enable the option: "Windows-Explorer / Tools / Folder options / View / Show hidden files and folders" and to disable the option "Hide protected operating system files".


Starting the BIOS-Update from USB-Stick

  • First, go into your BIOS-Setup and change the Bootsequence to USB-Stick/Drive (search for an option like Bootsequence, First Boot Device, or something similarly).

  • Insert the USB-Stick and restart your PC. If all went well - MS-DOS starts and you can see the famous DOS-Prompt (C:\>).

  • Now you can start the BIOS update. Remember: it's a good idea to backup the old BIOS version.

  • See also: BIOS-Update Howto: step-by-step instruction

Happy flashing!


User-Comments: BIOS Boot-USB-Stick

I did copy all of them, and tried. First of all, when I swithc on the laptop it does not detects anything, No recovery disc working either. its just hang. I press F@ but no response. Lastly, i tried pressinf Fn+Esc to update bios but screen balnk. No power LED blinking.

patel 28.Feb.2014 17:12

I would guess that you have to copy all of them on to the pendrive. Boot the pendrive and insert the command: flash.bat at the DOS prompt.

biosflash 28.Feb.2014 15:47

Hi,My acer laptop is dead, and i am trying to update the BIOS because system is not booting at all. I have download bios from acer but folder contains 7 files. Can you please tell me which file do i need to copy into my usb stick. folder contains ACERACDC.EXE,Efildr16,Flash.BAT,JE40124.ROM,JE40124.WPH,KBC.EXE,Pflash.exe please let me know if rename require? Thanks,

patel 28.Feb.2014 15:40

but my computer runs perfectly fine just wanted to update everything for the best performance I don't see how the bios chip is defective if that is the case.

Chris1337c 18.Feb.2014 18:36

This error msg could mean that your BIOS-Chip is defective.

biosflash 18.Feb.2014 18:24

Did everything you did and ran the command to flash it and I got the errror Error - Problem getting flash information ( I even tried disabling Boot Block Protection in the BIOS and have gone through the BIOS and found no other write protection settings, and there is no Pin on the motherboard related to WP)

Chris1337c 18.Feb.2014 18:09

Google is your friend!
Try this:

biosflash 18.Jan.2014 06:20

I have an Acer Aspire T180 desktop.When I power it on it says ERROR LOADING OPERATING SYSTEM.

Byron 17.Jan.2014 23:42

io have HP dc 5100 mt system and that is not booting by usb.if any one have a solution plz tell me

aslam 25.Nov.2013 09:14

thanks for the tool but,what should I write to C:\> prompt to start update?

chris444 15.Sep.2013 20:33
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